CSS Reflow visualizations made using a modified build of Firefox 11

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What is Browser Reflow?

"Reflow is the name of the web browser process for re-calculating the positions and geometries of elements in the document, for the purpose of re-rendering part or all of the document. Because reflow is a user-blocking operation in the browser, it is useful for developers to understand how to improve reflow time and also to understand the effects of various document properties (DOM depth, CSS rule efficiency, different types of style changes) on reflow time. Sometimes reflowing a single element in the document may require reflowing its parent elements and also any elements which follow it."
- Google Developer Blog

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Right now we are accepting limited submissions while our project is in beta testing. Eventually, this app will analyze your url, then generate an .avi file to download. For the time being, we are manually processing all videos, which takes some considerable time. Submit your URL and we will try and generate a video for you, although all videos will be hosted on our youtube channel, feel free to link and embed at your leisure!

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CSS Reflow Visualizations
FireFox Download Page
FireFox Download Page
Mozilla Error Page
Mozilla Error Page
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